Posted: October 5, 2014 in formula one
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Today the dark clouds didn’t only literally hang over the Japanese grand prix, they hung low over all racers.

As of Lap 43 of today’s Japanese grand Prix (the race highlights can be found :here: ) F1 was stunned to silence. None of the podium winners where able to spray the campaign and celebrate their hard fought wins. This is because an incident involving Jules Bianchi having spun off the track and hitting the recovery truck sent out to recover Sutil’s car that had hit a wet spot spun out and hit the wall. (Sutil is fine, and very worried over Bianchi.)

Originally when the ambulence was first sent out to the yard, the initial thoughts was that Sutil’s car in it’s hydro plane (aqua plane for those in europe) had hit a Marshell, but it became quickly apparent that Jules Bianchi’s car was still missing and in fact when the Marussia team had called over the radio for Bianchi, there was no response.The ambulence quickly recovered the driver who was unresponsive, and brought him to the medical station inside the track, the confusion was emmens and the outright lack of organization for such an incident was shocking!

The FIA spokesperson had to force open the sliding doors to allow the team members into the medical building to even inquire upon Bianchi’s status.

Very quickly following, we where informed by the FIA that Bianchi was taken to the nearest hospital via ambulance, despite the fact that the medical helicopter was ready and able to fly, in fact it had taken off moments following the ambulance.

The 25 year old only started his F1 career last year, and has scored the only points for his team since their entry into F1 in 2010, (in Monaco this year). these points could place his team in 9th place in the constructors championship and is a major score for his place as an F1 driver. He has a bright career ahead of him, and i would love nothing more then to see him rise from the rubble of this incident and put the tires to the track and maybe next season take Hamilton out of first seat!
Nothing would please me more, and my thoughts are with Bianchi’s family.


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