Reference Materiel

This is a little side bar page I have created for all the links that don’t seem to fit in with the External Links for post Writing, and Names. – A wonderful resource tool for quickly looking up the meaning of a word your unsure about– and also, finding other words that may fit better. It sure saves time not having to run to the book shelf for your own printed dictionary  Another little neat feature of this site includes WORD OF THE DAY- where a word is sent via email to your inbox, and it gives you the full definition and even the history of the word– You never know, it could prove useful for more then just learning something new– think of the inspiration that you could find– with just one word.– Because everyone is made different, it can be hard to find EXACTLY how you want your character to be constructed, Here i have supplied a resource that I found online in order to help guide you in to describing your character. Now this is a Science resource, but don’t be frightened, it’s fairly easily translatable.

This is a Work In progress Page. More Will be added as I come across them!~ 



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