What the Heck are these?

Welcome to the side page that is a resource for the new and old author who may ask “What the heck are these?” This is where I am going to be posting terms and definitions of words you’ll find more or less dealing directly with the craft of Fictional writing. Whether you use this as a refresher, or to actually learn the terms of the trade– I hope you find this helpful.


Major or central characters the plot and resolution of conflict revolves around these characters.

Minor characters serve to complement the major characters and help move the plot events forward.

Protagonist – The protagonist is the central person in a story. He/she (or they) is faced with a conflict that must be resolved. The protagonist may not always be admirable (e.g. an anti-hero); nevertheless He/she must have the attention of the reader.

Antagonist – is an obstacle that the protagonist must overcome. (either in the form of a person or situation.)

Anti-Hero – A major character who lacks conventional nobility of mind, and who struggles for values not deemed universally admirable. He/She can be vulgar, manipulative and self-centered. (And Usually a Central character)

Foil – Any character whose personal qualities contrast with another character.

Symbolic – any major or minor character whose very existence represents some major idea or aspect of society.

Dynamic – A character who changes over time, as a result of resolving a central conflict or facing a major crisis.

Static – A character who does not change over time; his/her personality does not transform or evolve.

Round – A character with a complex personality; he/she is portrayed as a conflicted and contradictory person.

Flat – A flat character is the opposite of a round character. This literary personality is notable for one kind of personality trait or characteristic.

Stock – the stereotypical characters, or Conventional. Instantly recognizable to readers and audience members. E.G The practical joker, Mad Scientist, Faithful Sidekick Ect.) they are usually flat characters, and rather one-dimensional.

Hamlet” Stock – Similar in every way to the Stock type– accept they are Deeply conflicted and rounded characters.


This page is a WIP (Work in Progress) and Will be added to on a constant basis. If you have any suggestions, then please by all means– Post a comment below! 



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