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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

The Psychotic Journey is looking for guest bloggers to post articles about the wonderful, crazy, rageful, trail of writing and authorship. The path of an author is often twisting and lonely if you’re not connected to those who can understand the ‘Cartoon-answering-muse-cursing-insanity’ that comes with being a producer of the well written word.

As you know this blog’s mission is to not only give helpful tips and tricks for author’s New and Old. It is also to let those of us more socially disinclined (Like myself) that we’re not alone on this journey of pure psychotic insanity!

Are you a blogger with

Do you have an interesting story, or a tip/trick that isn’t already posted on this blog?

Would you simply like to increase your reader count?

Well come on down! Place a comment at the end of this post(Or send me a message through my Fanpage /TrishaEllen, pitching your idea for a blog post! If your articles are “splendiferous!” Then there is always the opportunity for an invite to return to the psychotic journey for more guest blog posts– or even (Dun Dun Duuuuunnnnn) Potential for permanent authorship!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! You’ll see a reply in your inbox if your ideas are accepted for guest posts.

Always writing!