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think think think

“Think think think” Said Winnie the pooh, “think think think” I agreed going for coffee -SelfTweet

Have you ever found yourself in such a writing hole that you seem to float through the day (or weekend) with out realizing how much time has passed? If at the end of that day, a doctor were to take a sample of your blood, would it be more coffee then blood?

The answer for me is, Yes and yes. For the past few days, I have found myself spinning in circles trying to untangle a plot knot. I have tried everything from ignoring the knot, to picking at it, to erasing it only to have it crop up again later. So what do you do when your stuck in a rutt?

Well a friend of mine said to just walk away from it. Which is good advice…. to step away from what ever writing device you find yourself planted in front of and just leave it alone. Usually, not always, but usually when you leave something alone for a few days and pick it back up again, you’ll find a way to untangle that knot. Yet, I find this knot ever persistent in making my writing life rather difficult.

So what do I do?

Well I do what Winnie the pooh does. I Think Think Think, and then think think think some more….Next thing I know, it’s Monday and when I last looked at the calender on my computer it was Friday.

So what should I do? Should I abandon the whole section and start from scratch? Well that in my opinion would be counter productive. Should I go back and see if I can snip the knot before it starts (you know the whole bubble gum in hair solution), It’s possible, but that would require me reading through a third of my manuscript, and usually ends me up with a head ache.

So what should I do?

Well, that’s just the thing, in my case it’s not a matter of what should I do– it is more, W.W.M.C.D. (What would my character do?) This of course brings on a whole new cycle of think think thinking, but i believe for all the times I am thinking about a knot, or even a hole through the plot– that eventually when someone reads that novel: They’ll appreciate all the head-spinning-muse-cursing-cartoon-answering-insanity that comes with the world of writing.

So have any of you found yourself in a similar predicament? If so, What did you do to fix it!?


A few days ago I asked my friends on Facebook to hit me with their best shots for writing prompts. I was expecting to be massacred to be honest. Much to my disappointment I only received 1 Writing prompt from a good friend of mine. So Today I am going to do said writing prompt. ( The word limit is 800 words.)

So why did I Ask for writing prompts? Well, I personally feel that it’s good practice for an author to be challenged at least once a month to write something they wouldn’t have thought about. It helps expand the horizons of your writing talent and also gives you a good idea as to where/what you as an author need some work– or maybe best to stay away from.

Now D (As we shall call her for now) Responded to my all call on Facebook with this:

Has to involve:

naked man

And the sentence:

“And even the birds went silent.”

I will admit I wrestled with this Prompt for a while wondering how I could make it work. I couldn’t find the co-relation between all these things; Well I found it and so, this is what I came up with:

[478 words]

When Anica had asked me to help search for little Alexandru I couldn’t have declined no matter what fate would be fall me to witness. I knew the boy enjoyed frolicking at the top of the old oak ridge. A place where the single solitary Oak tree stood against the elements by the cliff face. The tree is centuries old and thus made the perfect place for a child to climb and fall.

So naturally I would go check there first.

What I found at the ridge wasn’t Alexandru, but a man. Nude as the day he was born, standing looking out over the ridge with a simple longing that I would compare with lust. He was tanned, every exposed bit of flesh, it was as if he never wore any cloths. I was astounded, so much so that I faltered in step.

He turned as if hearing me, only to pause his motion. The sharp and bitter wind rose with a roar, and what happened next I cannot easily put into words. Needless to say it was more shocking then walking upon a naked man.

He paused his retelling of the days events as he lifted his pint to drink, his left hand stroking the length of his great-great grandmothers cross that hung around his neck. The bar was mostly silent, waiting, wondering what could have brought him back to town in such a state- with no Alexandru in tow.

His body twisted in places no man could possibly twist. His skin rippled with an unseen force, it was as if an animal lived within his flesh and was attempting to free itself. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak, my gaze was transfixed in place as this unholy event unfolded before me.

It seemed to draw on forever, yet truthfully the sun hadn’t moved from it’s position in the sky. When all was said and done, the man was gone and left in his place was…. He swallowed past the lump that suddenly threatened to cut off his voice. The cross now gripped in his hand to give him strength,

A Dragon, it stood there wings stretched catching the late afternoon breeze, and with a sudden motion jumped off the ridge. I thought, hoped, it would fall to the jagged rocks at the bottom. He didn’t. He flew through the air his large wings making no noise.

And even the birds went silent…. He turned to look over his shoulder to where Alexandru stood holding Tabitha a tiny cat he and his mother cared for. His wide brown eyes showed the amazement that the boy felt that someone else had been there.

So, I haven’t lost my mind then? He asked more to himself as the bar sprang to look over the boy who had been missing from the day before. No one asked him anything about the dragon– and he wondered why.


I hope you liked it, I had fun writing this out! What do you guys think, does it have potential?


Always Writing,


Hello everyone, I figured since i have been on this blog for a couple weeks now, and my silence over the last couple days has barred fruit I’d share some of it with you dear readers.

Welcome to the excerpt of “The Hourglass”


The three sisters sat around the fountain of life. A spinning wheel whirring away as one spun the thread on the wheel, another measured its length, and finally the last sister snipped and gathered the thread. Silence reined the blackened area around the three sisters, yet they heard everything in existence all the same. The deities of fate and destiny, called by many names by many people. These three ruled even the gods.

As if one, they lifted the thread from the wheel, each taking their sections with delicate fingers. They walked slowly away from the fountain; quickly it was absorbed by the darkness that surrounded them. All too soon, a large hourglass stood before them; carved out of the finest of materials found in the realms of gods.

Atropos- third of the sisters lifted the top of the hourglass, slowly taking her section of the bundle she slid it into the container. As she let go of the thread, it started to thrum in time with a heart beat. That beat echoed through the vast silence.

Lachesis- second of the sisters removed the ‘reed’ from the length of thread, guiding it further into the hourglass. As she too stepped away from the thread it shimmered faintly a silver tone. The heart beat grew louder, fluttering.

Clotho- the first sister stood before the hourglass. Her spindle still clutched in her ebony fingers. She took a slow breath as she let the spindle drop into the hourglass. She reached up and closed the lid.

Three hands rested on the top of the hour glass. No words where spoken, yet a blessing passed. The hourglass began to hum. Vibrating, the ‘glass’ singing a high note through the vast emptiness. The thread brightened within as if silk touched to flame, yet -nothing burned. A dragon’s head and feathered wings where etched into the top half of the hourglass by an unseen hand.

As if in response, the room filled with the resonance singing of uncountable hourglasses, their inner threads all glowing the same silver colour. Suddenly as if it had never happened, the hourglasses blackened and became silent once more. Not even an echo remained from their singing.

Only the distant sound of the spinning wheel could be heard in the void of the fates.

I hope you enjoyed this (first) draft preview of my new fantasy novel, The Hourglass.

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Writing Always,




Did you know Dragons really exist? No I am not talking about the Indonesian Monitor lizard Known as Varanus komodoensis– or Komodo Dragon; I am talking about True to life Fire Breathing Dragons– just like what has been spoken of in nearly every culture on the face of the planet.  Well, most people I know would laugh at me– in fact they have laughed at me over the course of my life when i have sworn up and down that Dragons really exist– or at very least existed.

Well It turns out, that I was right: According to a documentary I watched on Youtube– that was aired on Animal Planet. Now a lot of people are saying that the “documentary” was stated to be purely fiction, however, the Documentary I watched said nothing of the sort. In fact they said that back in 2007 an ice cave previously undiscovered had once again opened up due to the unseasonably warm winter followed by a warmer then normal summer.

Apparently– (now I don’t know if it is true, the jury is still out on this in my mind.) a group of people had gone exploring the ice cave and found within what appeared to be a mass grave site. This of course warranted an investigation to ensure this wasn’t just a dumping ground. Upon further investigation on the site deeper into the cave, they found the body of what was apparent to be a dragon- or something similar to it.

So where was this supposed to have happened?

The Carpathian Mountains in Romania.

So, Was this a hoax or fiction made to give the theory of how Dragons could have come to be some credibility? A lot of people are saying, Yes it’s fake get over it. Why?  Because of two very important facts. IF the documentary was even a Rendering of how the events went down– where is the body now? Why isn’t the science community buzzing about this biological Discovery of the century?

I don’t know, I am not a conspiracy nut- nor am I an alarmist. However, People believed for the longest time that the electric car was a modern invention– but that isn’t true, GM had brought out the EV1 the worlds first 100% electric car back in : 1997, only to recall them and destroy the cars.

So if the world at large can believe that the Electric car was none existent until recently; then why can’t it be possible for this dragon body to have been discovered and swept under the rug as if it didn’t happen?

Well there is one reason that immediately comes to mind: Because there is no documented proof about the dragon– but the EV1 car had owners and the recall caused a big craze of protests. So there was documented proof of the EV1’s existence– but there is no documentation of the Dragon.

To me stranger things have happened, and it’s not completely impossible to have had this discovery happen–However one has to admit that the film they showed on television couldn’t have been real as the Dragon wasn’t kept in proper conditions Ect Ect.

As a Fantasy author, the very idea that dragons may not be fantasy but facts hidden away from the world, and had lived from the prehistoric era right up until the early 1500’s. Well, truth be told, I would be ecstatic. I have always had a love of dragons, and IF they where one of the vast numbers of animals who have gone extinct because of proverbial “witch-hunts” to the death of the species; I would be sad. Beyond sad– I would be devastated (I really love dragons)

But, I leave this up to you dear reader.

Did they find a dragon’s body in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania in 2007 or was the whole thing a work of fiction produced into a Dramatic Film?  Further more, If it was simply fiction– Does the science behind it still stand as Highly Probable, could it come to pass that as the world warms up– could we look at finding dragon remains in the deepest trenches of the Ice caves littering the Carpathian mountains or other regions of equal mystery?

Let me know….

Always Writing,




Not long ago now, I was invited by my cousin to come to a concert where the headliner was one Xavier Rudd. I had never heard of this individual before, and I was skeptical of going to a concert of a musician i had never heard of before. So naturally I looked this individual up on Youtube to see if I could gather a sample of his work.

I did, and it’s amazing- the man is a one man band– brought to new heights.

I was glad I went, not only because I was able to see my cousin: who i have not seen since before April this year (when i moved across three provinces to start a better life). Nor was it because of the wonderful music and sensation of rightness in the air. No no, While these where all great things to experience and keep in my memory, I am glad to have gone because I learned of a great cause:

Not many people know about the perpetual peace project (or the U R ME). This is a collection of singers who have banded together to promote peace- it matters not race or nationality- for You are Me and I am You. The idea isn’t something new, but it is something I think everyone should be aware of.

This collective of singers aren’t looking for money (though if you pay to see their concerts I am sure they won’t complain), They are simply looking to spread the words of peace to everyone in the world one concert/song at a time.

So, If you know anyone who is a singer– or a group of singers who believe that Peace shouldn’t be a thing of fiction, but reality– then get them to check out where they can sign up and join artists like:

Xavier Rudd

Good Old War


Rita visser

And Many more.

Thank you for paying attention!~

Writing Always,



I am Back again with another list! (Does this mean i’ll get twice the followers?) 

This time around I’m going to give you my top 5 reasons for liking social media. I won’t lie, this list was harder to make up then my previous [Twit-Book] list. It’s always easier to HATE/DISLIKE something and give reasons for it– then it is to LIKE/LOVE something. For some strange and fascinating reason humanity is always so quick to jump on the hate-wagon.

Anyway, without further adieu:


The ability to talk and or even meet someone in another country even so close as 40 years ago was something inconceivable to most people. With the dawning of the technological age, the world may have gotten smaller but our race has also grown closer- people who interact through social media and the internet tend to have more meaningful friendships with international people then within their own community. It’s brought people who would have never met before, together in both relationships (first come internet then comes marriage) and friendships that are both beautiful and help eliminate the racial barriers erected over the course of our history.


While our friendship and popularity status has risen above the roofs of our fore fathers (and mothers) we have also been given the grate access to the central hub of information– No I am not talking about the CIA or national archives– I am talking about the internet. Through social media, the distribution of information is so much simpler- you don’t need to go knock on 500 doors to promote world peace you can simply post a tweet or status ect and have all of your followers and friends see this information. A sale on Anime? Cloths? ect… Oh well be assured everyone within spitting distance from the store(s) will know about it before the doors open the next day.


Oh don’t groan, you knew it was coming. I like social media because it makes an authors job of self promoting within the first few years of their toddler-ing about the writing community so much easier. Before social media and the internet it took a lot of time and money to become a recognizable name in the book store. Today that’s not as much the case. Now it’s more based on your ability to use the free tools like Twitter and Facebook to your advantage– getting the word out there quicker then before– and to people you would have never been able to get to.


While I said in my Dislike list that INTERNET HUMOR tends to be the dirtiest of the dirt– that isn’t always the case. There are some vastly entertaining ways to unwind after a hard day of writing and self Promoting (See: My twitter / Fan-Page). Social media brought the boom of Flash games, Like All the Ville’s on facebook, and even #Hashtag-tag. To even finding new reading materiel and/or Youtube Videos to pass the time. Heck if your savvy enough you can even unwind by creating your own video’s games or even reading materiel (See: Author).


They say that anything once posted on the internet can and will comeback to haunt you– that isn’t always a bad thing. With sites like or other history resources it’s easier for people to find their family history. It’s was usually a trial to find out your family history before the internet and Social Media sites like the prior mentioned (yes that does apply ladies and gents) Now I can (for a minor fee) Find out all there is to know about my history and continue to record that history on the cyber world for future generations to see. Now I don’t know if i want future generations to be looking too closely at my teen years– that doesn’t mean its a BAD thing to be connected to social media.



So that was my top 5 reasons for liking social media. While it’s still not my favorite thing to do, it has it’s good points and its bad points. So long as you moderate how long you sit in front of a computer watching your blog status, your likes and responded tweets– then it’s all good. After all you can’t live life to the fullest through a computer screen.


Always Writing,


As I said in my cleverly devised blog post: Introducing to two blog posts [Trap located here]:

Why don’t I make a blog topic as to why I like and dislike Social media? Then I can self Promote both my Fan-page AND my Twitter account!~

So without anymore flourish, Here is my top 5 reasons for DISLIKING SOCIAL MEDIA!


In the social media boxing ring, there is a very fine line between being obnoxious and invisible- so fine a line that often it gets lost in the shuffle. No one Tells you Hey, stop spamming my wall with useless quotes from homer (no not Simpson) Or Hey I don`t see you in the mash up of status/tweet ect. maybe you should post more?  Oh-no, they don’t tell you, they’d rather post a Tweet/status-ect. about how obnoxious/invisible you are– and expect you to find it in among the rest of the Tweets/Status ect.


In the world of technology you have to either be cutting edge– up-to-date or be left in the dust. This has users who aren’t as tech savvy as the rest of the cyber world scratching there heads going– well what the flick? Social Media platforms update they’re layout or user interfaces so much it brings to mind the Image of a quick change artist: Interesting to watch from the outside, not so much fun when your forced to adapt to the artist.


Why does this sound like a good thing? Well because people don’t realize that by following twitter/facebook for people you don’t know and hanging on every move they make or post is borderline stalking. Yet one moment you can have an increase of 50 followers one morning then the next day– you have -150 followers. There is no rhyme or reason as to why people stop following people: Maybe it’s because of number 5 on this list, or maybe it’s just because the general population as a greater whole has the attention span of a flea.


In this age of opinion driven society, and the humor that goes along with it– the internet humor is some of the most vile and grotesque humor on the face of the planet. No lines are made in the cyber space, “trolls” eat up self humiliation, or even simply making something good into something radically different. People do all sorts of crazy and weird things for the world to see– but Internet humor makes me want to go back to the stone age (yes the same age where i would have been burned at the stake for even thinking of voicing an opinion.)


While our technological advancements keep growing the internet population starts losing their basic language learning building blocks. Things like LOL or LMFAO are so commonly accepted that it’s a wonder these short hand letter jumbles haven’t been the subject to an entire novel. People recognize these things more then they do words like :

Practice / Practise

Bought / Brought

Your / You’re


All of these and MORE are being dragged down the drain of social media laziness. Editors and English professors cringe every time their students/employers hand in term papers or manuscripts. Always they’re expecting the sudden down fall of the English language being replaced with L33T speak or Social Media Short Hand. (SMSH)

I Hope to see you in my NEXT STEP: [Face-Er] The top 5 reasons why I LIKE social Media 

Always Writing,