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Have you ever just wanted to scream while sitting in front of your computer watching that cursor blinking on that page? All that careful plotting and planning for your novel gone… Poof right out the window as the clock ticks onward… Welcome to my world lately.

As you may or may not know, I am working on two novels at present- One is called The Remnant: It’s a fantasy novel showing that humanity– even on the brink of extinction can prove to adapt and change it’s ways. The other is called The Hour Glass: A high fantasy that literally puts the universe within it’s pages. It’s the beginning and the end of time- woven with many different myths and legends I just know that the Hourglass will find some people out there who will enjoy it.

So what’s the problem?

Every time i review my notes and sit down to write- my fingers just can’t find the strength to move. Some people would see this as a sign that the story’s aren’t ready to be written. Yet, I sit here and torment myself over the idea that if i just wait long enough the muses will grow board of their stubborn striking and just give me back my writing ability.

Maybe i’m over thinking things a little? Maybe? Hopefully?

Perhaps I am  looking at this the wrong way?

Now, that’s the question of the century. Can the authors perspective of their own imagination be so completely wrong that it stunts the growth of their novel?

I leave that up to you dear readers to give me your opinions!

Until then, I’ll be sitting here attempting to write– Maybe just maybe- my next installment won’t be whining that I can’t write– but rather, a show of pride that I have written to my hearts content and one hand has fallen off.

Here’s hoping:


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