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Having walked into today’s race slightly late, i was quickly informed by the ever present ‘resident redbull’ that the race was under way into the second lap. It started out not only wet, but with a bit of drama with Ericcson spinning out behind the pace car. It was quickly red-flagged into the second lap because of track conditions, and weather being a general pain in the racer’s visibility. It was during this interlude Chris Horner of Red Bull was on with the sky sports people talking about the recent bomb shell of Vettle’s recent announcement of leaving redbull at the end of this season. While this bombshell came as a shock to myself (more so the resident redbull– who’ll have to either follow his driver to ‘f’ or keep with his team) what was more substantial in those few moments with sky sports was the interview.

In the interview, they stated that earlier during the pre-race start up that Mr. Horner, (Whom i am ever more disliking this season) had said that they wouldn’t be talking much on racing orders, yet during the interview was asked if given the oppertunity would the team be telling vettel once again to move out of Riccardo’s way?

Mr Horner had stated. “Mathimatically [Vettel] is out of this.”

Reffering to the points for driver’s championship and given the tone in which spoken, this listener would say that the inference was there that Vettel was not in the game anymore possibly speaking of actually racing. (Which anyone of the vettle fan club could easily say if false.)

As the race commenced once again, the race saw it’s first DNF of the day, with Alnso out due to loss of power in his car on the fourth corner, which was a shame because he held a great chance at podium today.
After nine LONG laps into the race restart, the safety car was still out, but finally at the end of lap nine, was pulled back in and the standings where.
1. Rosberg
2. Hamilton
3. Bottas
4. Massa
5. Riccardo
6. Magnassen
7. Button
8. Vettel
9. Raikkonen
10. Perez

Button was first to pit in lap ten, which brought about a chain reaction and a quick shifting of gears (forgive the unforgivable pun) in racing standings and the subsquent battles to come.

Latter in lap ten, my boy Daniel Riccardo had a near miss with Massa attempting to over take the driver, but still managed to hold positing in front of riccardo. In lap 12 the switch was made when massa pitted. (This was the first of many battles great battles over the course of this race.) In lap 15 the UK’s shining star of F1-Hamilton had a mishap attempting to over take team mate Rosberg, only to go wide and nearly hit the gravel managed to pull out in time with zero spin out. (which isn’t the last time this happened to Hamilton during the race but we’ll get back to this.)

Over the course of the following two laps we the fans of F1 (who either got up at the ungodly hour or managed to stay awake until the ungodly hour) where given a great treat in the battle between Masa, Vettel, and Riccardo. Vettel over took Mase, only to have the position retaken, then on the next turn took it back again, in a beautifully exicuted pass on the outside. Then in the heat to catch up to his team mate, Riccardo pulled nearly the same manouver two thirds of the track later leaving masa behind and gunning for Vettel. Riccardo over took Masa round the outside of the dunlock curve
The race quickly became the furious battle for redbull first with Vettal passing Botton, and then riccardo doing the same putting the standings at Rosberg, Hamilton, Button, Vettel, Riccardo.

Lap 25 FIA opened DNS, and all the while Rosberg could be heard on team radio saying how his car held alot of overstear.

In Lap 27, Hamilton once again goes wide into the first corner, and for the split seconds that he did so, made this watcher’s heart still as he was inches away from the gravel pit once more. (This incident was later admitted by Hamilton to have been a driver error, as he had left DNS open longer then he should have, and nearly wiped out due to it.) after a vicious battel with rosberg, Hamilton FINALLY passes rosberg.

In the 30th lap vettel pits, and riccardo passes. in the same lap, Button missed a gear in the pits and delyed his exit from the pits, giving both redbull drivers the pass. In lap 34, Magnussen held a wicked spin out, but with skill that looked so easy a baby could do it, managing to pull her out of the full 360 spin, facing the correct positing and continuing the race with out so much as skipping a beat– which i am sure his heart didn’t have the chance to do.
Lap 36, Riccardo manages to pass Hamilton, making the standings Riccardo, Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettle.
The rain returned to haunt the drivers on lap 36, and DNS is once again disabled.

Lap 43, sutil is into the barriers, and then, bianchi is also off the track. (Lap 43 News)

The race is redflagged, and would not be resumed,

Hamilton was first, rosberg second, and Vettle is third.


Twitter Support

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Hello everyone, I am just posting this quick little diddy so that Twitter support will give me back my account.

I do apologize for this, this post will be removed when the issue is resolved.

@SupportRequests #00714422

Hello again everyone.

As I am sure you have read, I have begun my criminal justice studies on January 28th this year.

At the wonderful,

Since the begin date, I have completed two classes (English Composition & Interpersonal Communication) and have begun my second semester. A little background first off, this is an condensed course, there for what would normally take me two years in a regular school is only  taking me one year to complete, so each semester is only five weeks.

So I am well into my second semester, I am finally working on my first real criminal justice course. My facilitator is MR. Peter Copple and he is amazing. First off he has a number of years experience in working within the Calgary Police service as the deputy chief.

He is funny, and very easy going with the students. Blunt and to the point, yet expects people to make mistakes and have lives (Unlike a facilitator whom I had earlier in the year.)

I have also had the opportunity to meet him through my Alberta Basic Security Training course in may last year.

Of course as the title of this post suggests this is the tales of woe.

I am using student aid, and have taken out a loan from both the government of Canada and the province of Alberta, and in that I have received a grant for low income, or rather I HAVEN’T received it. I was supposed to receive it by the second week of classes, (So around Feb. 7th) and I didn’t, and when i called the government they said the only thing they can do is to resend it.

Wait a second.

Your going to resend something that never showed up to my mailing address in the first place.  I am left scratching my head, wondering if I’ll see anything to do with my grant.

Apparently as of this moment I haven’t see hide nor hair of the grant– which was budgeted out to pay for my books until august, which is awesome, because I am currently working on trying to keep my grades up with out a text book, and wondering how i am going to survive until august when my next payment comes out.

Student live– it is so much fun…. Not.

On the up side, both of my current facilitators are very understanding and willing to work with me. I love my school, and i love these classes, I will be sorry to see them go in two weeks time. (Which is right around the time my boyfriend will be freaking out over F1 again)

Hello again,

So I haven’t gotten around to typing up those posts that I mentioned in my psa. Why you may ask,  well, it isnt a flareup!
Its because my boyfriend has been melting down over the new season of f1.

Yes I do mean formula 1.


Well tonight, or rather this morning (as it is nearing 7 am here in Alberta) I stayed up to support the melt down as the Australian grand prix.  As I am writing this post I am still not 100 percet as to what I just watched. 57 laps of cars going about a track that looks much like the toy car mat that I had growning up.  In fact I dont understand much about forumla one, really anything for that matter.

What I do know is that Nico Rosberg own the race earning 25 points for Mercedes. 
Daniel riccardo in second earning his first podium position in f1, and 18 points for redbull.

At the end of the day, I know that the beginning of the race started with a bugger up between, Kobiyashi and Massa on the first turn taking both out of the race. Following on second lap with Lewis Hamiliton pulling out of the race because of misfiring piston, and Sebastain Vettel lost power resulting in a fourth did not finish. And during the race, both lotus cars didnt finish and two other cars for various reasons.

Despite the fact that many key players were out of the race, it was exciting, much like watching a boy racing two slinkies down a set of stairs for the first time. While first place was 20 something seconds a head the real winners where 2nd and 3rd place with a battle lasting practically until the last set of drs zones.

It was fun to watch, even if I didnt understand it all, and had to keep asking my boyfriend names and stats. Who knows maybe ill end up reporting more f1 coverage in a better manner…

Now excuse me while I watch Hemsworth make f1 sexy.

How the Grinch Stole Grammar!

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I love this little diddy, and if I may say. Well played kind sir and cleverly made!

Stroppy Editor

(With apologies to Dr Seuss)

Every Who down in Who-ville liked English a lot
But the Grinch, who lived just north of Who-ville, did NOT!
Whenever he thought of the language, he’d languish
In horrified anger and furious anguish!
But the funny thing was that beneath all this hate
He somehow believed, well, that English was great.
But it wasn’t the English the Whos wrote and spoke –
No! THAT made him scowl! Made him fume! Made him choke!
Made him choke!
Made him choke!

So what on earth was it the innocent Whos
Were doing so wrong with the language they’d use?
If you were to walk into Who-ville one day
You’d see lots of people with fine things to say.
They’d joke and exclaim and they’d promise and sing,
They’d chat and debate – yes, they’d do anything
That this wonderfully versatile…

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Hello again dear readers.

It has come to my attention that it is crunch time for this college prep student. Only seven classes left before the re-assessment and Criminal Justice starts on the fourth of November.

Of course this is awesome, and slightly intimidating.

If only this was the only thing to worry about. I have fee’s coming out of my behind for seat holdings with the college, and I have to look at moving for the day after my final exam!

What a time I have ahead of me! At least my muses picked a good time (for once) to abandon my writings. Maybe they where wise enough to know this was coming!

What ever the reason, I hope I’ll be able to keep you all informed on my writing endeavors and how I will (possibly) balance this blog (And Psychotic November: To be opened November first this year), and school life as a full time college student. I have a lot on my plate, but what is a psychotic journey with out at least a little chaos?

(Trying to) Always Write,
Trisha Ellen

It isn't the destination, it's how you get there...

It isn’t the destination, it’s how you get there…

Understanding yourself….

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I found this quote while surfing the internet– trying to see where it will take me this evening.

So now I want to know, from you dear readers:

Have you ever felt like you didn’t understand yourself, and how did you work through this? What did you do to finally understand yourself again, and maybe what advice would you give to others in this predicament? 

Let us make this a conversation! 

Always thinking, hopefully writing:

Trisha Ellen

It isn't the destination, it's how you get there...

It isn’t the destination, it’s how you get there…

P.S. Did you see the new signature i have (I cheated, it’s a panoramic my roommate took on his smart phone during an impromptu journey to the Rocky Mountains. Maybe I’ll do A photo blog post to show you some of the sights I saw! (And animals too!)