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WordPress PSA: ibs

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Humor, psa, Rant
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Hello word press, trisha here. Today id like to take a moment to talk to everyone about a syndrome that effects about half of bloggers who begin a  blog online. I am one of those who frequently suffer from this sometimes out right horrendous online bug.

Its called infrequent blogging syndrome.  I.b.s for short.

Not to be confused with fbs, where the sufferers cannot seem to help but post on a regular schedule,  ibs sufferers find themselves often times unable to post anything for months at a time.  In some cases years.

This is a very serious condition that often results in the loss of reads, and followers, while increasing the risk of spam and link droppers. 

I am here to beg everyone who doesnt suffer with this to please bare with those of us who do, we dont mean to disapoear as if we never existed, we still love each and every one of our readers and we hope during our times of responsiveness that our posts do infact entertain you and maybe your friends.

There is a chance that you know of or follow an ibs sufferer and on behalf of all of us, thankyou for your time today.

This has been a public service announcement for I.b.s.

Welcome back to the pyschotic journey. I hope you enjoyed my excuse for internet silence.  I am sorry pressers that I disappeared, and I know this happens a lot.  All I can say is I’ll try my best to get some new content rolling along.

Like in the next few days ill hopefully have the journey of this author discovering insragram for the first time, and my confusion dealing with pintrest.  Maybe even the adventures that is college for criminal justice thus far. Some good stuff on the way, so please follow along with my psychotic journey  and maybe your will feel a little less alone.  

Lots of love,

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