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Welcome To the Psychotic Journey,

If you were directed here from the Psychotic november,  then I thank you for wandering down this trail along side me. I hope that all your Nanowrimo dreams and aspirations have come true this past november, and that you’re gearing up for this coming november! The Psychotic November will re-open every year one week before Nano starts, and will close every year one to two weeks following nano– so if you’re looking for constant (or rather near constant) posts dealing with the trials and tribulations of being an aspiring ‘published’ author then you’re in the right place!

If you’re a first time reader: Double Welcome!

It is always exciting for me to see new people reading my blog.

So, About me, My pen name is Trisha Ellen, and I live in the wonderful city of Calgary Alberta (for those of you internationally that’s the city that hosts the calgary stampede every year.) I have two wonderfully lovable cats names Azrael and Scythe who love to try and sit on my keyboard whenever i pick up my muses and start writing. I have recently aquired a bird named Azule he is a budgie, and adorable.

I moved to calgary back in april of 2012, and have no plans of leaving for quite sometime: I live here with my best friend her fiance and their daughter. My Niece (affectionately) referred to as Monster or Monkey, or any variation or combination of– is a constant inspiration for me, as well as a reminder to live life instead of always writing about it.

While I have my writing as my passion, I also have a fair few other passions in my life, including jogging, hiking (especially in the mountains), dancing, Poi swinging (See picture at top of page) and learning about different cultures. I am currently a college prep student starting a Criminal Justice program this november (Which means my nano days of writing oblivion are few and far between).

My goal in life is to become a police officer, and to write my two major fantasy series, One being the past, present and future saga, and the other being, The remnant (series to be named). 

So I lead a busy life, and as such I post sporadically at best, and often times go a month without posting. Sometimes the brain and the muses need time to wind down from the chaos that is my writing endeavours. While I may not be the first person to try my hand at being published, I sure try– most days– to get my manuscript finished. This blog will list the trials and tribulations (and any other tid-bit of inspiration that I may or may not find floating around wordpress)  of an aspiring author along this Psychotic Journey to publishing– and beyond.

Always Writing,

Trisha Ellen

  1. I totally love this picture of the snow leopards. Really lovely. Thanks for following my blog – we can urge each other to knock the cats off our laps and get writing!

    • thank you, it took sometime for me to get the proportions to that signature settled properly. I Vote FOR the idea of urging each other to knock our pushy-kitties off our laps and get writing—– but they’re just so cute :3

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