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Excerpt: Remnant

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Excerpt, Writing
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So I come again, at last some may say; and I come barring a gift of yet another 1st draft excerpt of my WIP Remnant. I hope you enjoy this taste of what I have been up to these past few months… I promise soon I’ll have another post up with more then just an Excerpt– who knows, it may even be a useful post. 

[Excerpt: Remnant 21-02-2013]


Samurai wake

The sun was warm against her face, it was pleasant, yet somehow wrong. She couldn’t imagine why the warm healthy sun felt wrong, but something told her it should be night.

It was quite to top off her discomfort, she couldn’t understand why her ears rang with such a silence, until she felt the powerful down stroke of a bird swooping in for a landing. She pried open her stuck-closed eyes and found herself looking at a detached leg. The bird who landed was perched on the ankle joint helping himself to the soft inner tissue of the severed appendage.

Her stomach rebelled instantly, spilling watery clear stomach liquid on the ground around her. Where was she? Why was she amongst the dead? Where were the patrols? What happened to the Regnant? All these questions whirled through her head until she tried to push off the blood soaked ground– finding fire hotter then the forge masters bellows igniting against her back.

She couldn’t catch her breath as the pain brought white to her vision and turned her arms to jelly. Resigned to the hard packed earth she twisted her right arm to feel her back. It was wet.

“sword cut?” she wondered to herself as she walked her fingers up her back– suddenly finding the sharp edge of a spear only partially embedded in her back. She was suddenly more thankful to the heavy leather scaled armor then she had been anything in her entire life.

“Be still.”

She disobeyed the disembodied voice as she tried to lunge for a sword carelessly dropped to the ground in front of her. A firm hand gripped her shoulder pushing her down.

“I said be still, I won’t repeat myself.” She didn’t have the energy to fight the restraining hand and that should have been enough to tell her just what sort of dire straights she found herself in.

She strained to turn her head, looking up into the darkest black eyes she had ever witnessed on a man. He wasn’t looking at her face, but at her back with a thoughtful expression to his clenched jaw.

“You are lucky.” He said flatly, “Double lucky to not only survive this wound– but also to have us walking past this field.”

The deep voice seemed disconnected from the man hovering over her blurred vision. The weight on her back seemed suddenly as if it where five time heavier then it had been but a moment before.

“What’s your name?” The man questioned as the outer ring of her vision wavered, growing steadily darker.


She didn’t know if she spoke it, or if simply her mind answered where her lips could not. Suddenly the abyss of nothing engulfed her– leaving her to wonder if she was dead or alive.


I hope this got you intrigued, if not– ah well better luck next excerpt– if so I look forward to hearing your comments! 

Also, before the copyright ninja’s come after me– the image used in this post is from the 1966 film Sword of Doom, and the location of this image is [Here]  This is just to set the mood of the scene– I am not trying to steal the image for my book.


Always Writing,



A few days ago I asked my friends on Facebook to hit me with their best shots for writing prompts. I was expecting to be massacred to be honest. Much to my disappointment I only received 1 Writing prompt from a good friend of mine. So Today I am going to do said writing prompt. ( The word limit is 800 words.)

So why did I Ask for writing prompts? Well, I personally feel that it’s good practice for an author to be challenged at least once a month to write something they wouldn’t have thought about. It helps expand the horizons of your writing talent and also gives you a good idea as to where/what you as an author need some work– or maybe best to stay away from.

Now D (As we shall call her for now) Responded to my all call on Facebook with this:

Has to involve:

naked man

And the sentence:

“And even the birds went silent.”

I will admit I wrestled with this Prompt for a while wondering how I could make it work. I couldn’t find the co-relation between all these things; Well I found it and so, this is what I came up with:

[478 words]

When Anica had asked me to help search for little Alexandru I couldn’t have declined no matter what fate would be fall me to witness. I knew the boy enjoyed frolicking at the top of the old oak ridge. A place where the single solitary Oak tree stood against the elements by the cliff face. The tree is centuries old and thus made the perfect place for a child to climb and fall.

So naturally I would go check there first.

What I found at the ridge wasn’t Alexandru, but a man. Nude as the day he was born, standing looking out over the ridge with a simple longing that I would compare with lust. He was tanned, every exposed bit of flesh, it was as if he never wore any cloths. I was astounded, so much so that I faltered in step.

He turned as if hearing me, only to pause his motion. The sharp and bitter wind rose with a roar, and what happened next I cannot easily put into words. Needless to say it was more shocking then walking upon a naked man.

He paused his retelling of the days events as he lifted his pint to drink, his left hand stroking the length of his great-great grandmothers cross that hung around his neck. The bar was mostly silent, waiting, wondering what could have brought him back to town in such a state- with no Alexandru in tow.

His body twisted in places no man could possibly twist. His skin rippled with an unseen force, it was as if an animal lived within his flesh and was attempting to free itself. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak, my gaze was transfixed in place as this unholy event unfolded before me.

It seemed to draw on forever, yet truthfully the sun hadn’t moved from it’s position in the sky. When all was said and done, the man was gone and left in his place was…. He swallowed past the lump that suddenly threatened to cut off his voice. The cross now gripped in his hand to give him strength,

A Dragon, it stood there wings stretched catching the late afternoon breeze, and with a sudden motion jumped off the ridge. I thought, hoped, it would fall to the jagged rocks at the bottom. He didn’t. He flew through the air his large wings making no noise.

And even the birds went silent…. He turned to look over his shoulder to where Alexandru stood holding Tabitha a tiny cat he and his mother cared for. His wide brown eyes showed the amazement that the boy felt that someone else had been there.

So, I haven’t lost my mind then? He asked more to himself as the bar sprang to look over the boy who had been missing from the day before. No one asked him anything about the dragon– and he wondered why.


I hope you liked it, I had fun writing this out! What do you guys think, does it have potential?


Always Writing,


Hello everyone, I figured since i have been on this blog for a couple weeks now, and my silence over the last couple days has barred fruit I’d share some of it with you dear readers.

Welcome to the excerpt of “The Hourglass”


The three sisters sat around the fountain of life. A spinning wheel whirring away as one spun the thread on the wheel, another measured its length, and finally the last sister snipped and gathered the thread. Silence reined the blackened area around the three sisters, yet they heard everything in existence all the same. The deities of fate and destiny, called by many names by many people. These three ruled even the gods.

As if one, they lifted the thread from the wheel, each taking their sections with delicate fingers. They walked slowly away from the fountain; quickly it was absorbed by the darkness that surrounded them. All too soon, a large hourglass stood before them; carved out of the finest of materials found in the realms of gods.

Atropos- third of the sisters lifted the top of the hourglass, slowly taking her section of the bundle she slid it into the container. As she let go of the thread, it started to thrum in time with a heart beat. That beat echoed through the vast silence.

Lachesis- second of the sisters removed the ‘reed’ from the length of thread, guiding it further into the hourglass. As she too stepped away from the thread it shimmered faintly a silver tone. The heart beat grew louder, fluttering.

Clotho- the first sister stood before the hourglass. Her spindle still clutched in her ebony fingers. She took a slow breath as she let the spindle drop into the hourglass. She reached up and closed the lid.

Three hands rested on the top of the hour glass. No words where spoken, yet a blessing passed. The hourglass began to hum. Vibrating, the ‘glass’ singing a high note through the vast emptiness. The thread brightened within as if silk touched to flame, yet -nothing burned. A dragon’s head and feathered wings where etched into the top half of the hourglass by an unseen hand.

As if in response, the room filled with the resonance singing of uncountable hourglasses, their inner threads all glowing the same silver colour. Suddenly as if it had never happened, the hourglasses blackened and became silent once more. Not even an echo remained from their singing.

Only the distant sound of the spinning wheel could be heard in the void of the fates.

I hope you enjoyed this (first) draft preview of my new fantasy novel, The Hourglass.

If you did enjoy this, Please remember to Like my fan-page at You can also follow me on twitter @TrishaEllen1. Or you can always do the one step method– On the left hand side bar!

Writing Always,



So you gone through the painstaking process of doing your research, and agonizing over what your new writing identity will be– it’s important because it is going to be your Identity for the entire time of your writing endeavours. (That’s not to say you can’t have more then one pen name– but we won’t go there today lets allow your brain to settle on this new name first).

A lot of people once they have a pen name don’t know how to check the originality of their chosen name. Of course this is a must, after all, you can’t have Two Nora Roberts writing out there– it would get confusing. So there are a few ways to check your pen name:

Amazon Logo

This is a great place to start. has a listing of nearly, if not, ALL the book listings ever created. You can type in your chosen pen name in the search bar and if “NO RESULTS” come up for that search: THIS IS A GREAT SIGN– but don’t get too excited.  You still need to check another source:


Do a second search using good old fashioned Google! If you don’t get anything dealing specifically with writing then you should be in the clear– but if you want to be sure you should try doing a basic search on:

Facebooklogo And


If nothing comes up– no fan-pages and no twitters…

Then Stake your claim! 

Create that first FAN PAGE, and TWITTER account, Make a personal Email for your Authorship, that way you can keep real life and Writing separate. The reason for this is you are effectively creating a cyber paper trail to prove your writing identity– should the issue arise.

I have heard that you can make your pen name more concrete by registering your name as a business– which then places a trade mark on your pen name– however this could have complications as it may change how you do your taxes and other aspects of your legal standing so i would strongly suggest speaking to a TAX expert and/or a lawyer before proceeding with that extra step.

Once your done– congratulations you have created a new personality for your writing! Welcome to the world of authorship!

I hope this short and bitter sweet post has been helpful to you~ I had to figure all this out more or less by my self; my biggest help (besides the internet) Was my good friend and Fellow Author Fox R. R. Haddock who helped me through the basics and introduced me to Doutrope. So a great big shout out and thank you to Fox for all her help and friendship.

Writing Always:



So, you’ve decided to make a pen name? Good on ya– but now that means you have a crap ton of ideas whirring around your brain about what you want to use– so many names so little time to choose!!!!

Calm down, there is no need to have a heart attack. Just take a second to breath, I am going to give you some helpful tips and tricks to creating your own unique pen name.

Like I said in my last post- (if you haven’t read it you can back track hereWhat’s in a name?

To run the risk of sounding like a broken record: Lets have a quick rehash

“…why is it important? What can we learn from the names other authors choose to use– or what does your name say about you? In all honesty, the pen names speak a number of things about a person who uses it. It could be something as simple as Your first name, and a your mothers maiden name– or it could be something completely made up.

Does it really matter what your pen name is?

Well that depends on how you look at it. Are you just looking for a random name to publish your work– or are you looking for an identity all your own?”

You should have some idea on how you want your pen name to be centered, if you don’t that’s alright: it’s not a hopeless cause. The following list should be able to help (it’s how I found my names more or less.)

1) What is your Writing Niche? What Genre are you looking to be published for?

This is a simple question; if you enjoy writing fantasy, then chances are your going to write for a Fantasy Press Publisher of some kind. If you like Romance- then romance publishers will be the goal. While this is great to know for your own writing, it’s also great to know for your pen name creation. For some genre’s it’s totally okay to use weird names that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else. Now that doesn’t mean you should name yourself Flying-Saucer-Paper-Plane-Jr.  but names like Marion Zimmermann Bradley or Terry Goodkind come to mind–and are names you don’t see everyday; but are widely accepted in the Sci-fi/Fantasy Genre.

The key here, choose something human not from Galaxy-9914. If your readers don’t have to struggle with the linguistic tied-tongue-syndrome then your in the clear: more or less.

2) Do you want your name to have sentimental meaning?

This is good, it means you’re really thinking about what you want to define yourself for the rest of your writing history– don’t break out in a fine sweat, you’ll know when you find the name that is so totally you. But here’s a few ideas to get you started on your sentimental way;

  1. Where where you born? City, State, Country, Hospital, Street?
  2. Did you have a favorite person growing up? A Parent/guardian, sports star, singer, actor, author? Why not adopt one of their names, or at least part of it ?

If your still stuck, there is always the handy dandy internet- If you can think of the meaning you want— there’s a name out there– you can’t be too crazy after all people have named their kids Apple and the like.

3) So you want none of that? It doesn’t really matter so long as it has a flow to it? 

Awesome, your easy to please. There are a metric-crap-ton of ways to find name ideas:

  1. Do you have the phone book? Well flip through the pages and randomly drop your finger on a page and that’s your first name- rinse repeat!
  2. You could try some of the nifty Name Generators out in the cyber space (See: External Page Link @ Bottom)
  3. Game Time: Pick the last name of your 1st grade teacher- Now Pick the name of your youngest relitive; mix and match.

Still Don’t have an Idea of where to start?

Don’t worry about it so much, when you find that ever present muse puttering out to go on strike, start browsing the internet– or the links I will provide on the External Link Page. If you are still having trouble– ask someone else;

“If you have to choose a name for me that wasn’t what I have– what would it be?”

Make a list, pick your favorite– use your own last name, and be on your merry way to writing oblivion (no that’s not only in November).

Good luck to you!


Alright, I’ll answer that question in the next post- Because lets face it who wants to read something more then 800 words?– Unless i’m reading a novel– I sure don’t! Check back in soon!


For as many years as people have been writing– there have been pen names! So what’s in a name, why is it important? What can we learn from the names other authors choose to use– or what does your name say about you? In all honesty, the pen names speak a number of things about a person who uses it. It could be something as simple as Your first name, and a your mothers maiden name– or it could be something completely made up.

Does it really matter what your pen name is?

Well that depends on how you look at it. Are you just looking for a random name to publish your work– or are you looking for an identity all your own?

A lot of people will tell you, a pen name is VASTLY important. You NEED a pen name or you’ll be slaughtered by both mail from fans- stalkers- or even the ever favorite– Hate mail.

Well this could be the case, but before you freak out, let me explain:

If you use your real name, you always run the risk of people searching you, finding you on facebook (Maybe your personal facebook that you may not want people to find); If your writing takes off and becomes the next H.P. Lovecraft– or Nora Roberts– (And i hope it does), you could find your self in a predicament where you no longer have any kind of privacy. Your life could become open to the public in ways you may not be prepared for.

That’s not to say that this will happen, just that it is a possibility. Thankfully writing is one of those crafts where your real name doesn’t need to be given to anyone save your publisher– for legal reasons.

A lot of authors who choose to use their real name, may never come across some of the fated publicity of the hot topic names, like presently E. L. James or Stephanie Meyer to name a few. Both of these authors are under fire by both the media and the internet (Never doubt the internet!) with both Fans, and Hater’s alike.

I don’t know enough about these authors to tell you if they used their a pen name or not- but; if they didn’t, I am sure they’re wishing they did.

IF they did, then they are like many Authors who prefer the suitable anonymity (even if it is only partial) of a pen name. This gives them a separation of Written world- and home life. Their home address is harder to come by, they’re personal Social Media connections isn’t as easy to gather. It’s not impossible to find these things, but for a while, they are able to write freely and live rather comfortably with out the world looking at them and scrutinizing every move they make.

So does this mean you NEED to get a pen name? No, but i would advise it.

Indeed, i find pen names to be extensions of myself when i am writing. I have two pen names, because I am an author with a few writing niches, and I separate my work accordingly.

I Love Fantasy Novels, and have found writing them to be a blessing; I am able to escape into all those child hood valley’s and explore the adventures I went on as a child. Even now when I am sitting watching the weather outside (presently snowing) I think of fairies or the stories my family told me growing up. For these muses I use the name Sylver Doe.

I also write regular every day fiction– I prefer action like fiction and love reading Tom Clancy novels– I have looked into the armed forces and plan on joining them in the future, however for the moment I love writing about them, the trials and tribulations that come along with being a soldier. More then that- I just enjoy writing every day fiction novels that people can relate to, and for this is go by the name Trisha Ellen.

Does this mean I have Two FB pages, Two Twitter accounts, Two MySpace’s– or what ever other Social media outlet i can use?

HECK NO! It’s hard enough to keep one of each going– never mind post on my blogs, live my everyday life (Because for me at this point, writing doesn’t pay the bills) AND get down to WRITING! I make it well known– or at least plan to make it well known, that I do write under two pens.

The choice is yours, while i am biased for the pen name, that doesn’t make it wrong for you to choose your own name. However you swing it, it’s your choice: Check out my Next Blog update for How to choose your pen name!

Writing Always;