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That feeling of your head hitting the pillow after a long day of playing and fixing your writing…. “

So, while talking with a fellow author friend of mine I have come to the mildly irritating conclusion that sleep and authors don’t tend to get along.

This explains A LOT (Seriously).

I have always had trouble sleeping, because I had some thought pop into my mind at the very last minute demanding attention– which then demands expansion… which by the end of all the demands turns into a list of To-Do’s for the ever fickle and slave-masterly Muses. This is particularly annoying/obnoxious/frustrating when you as an author have just spent the better part of the day working on something; feeling the stubborn mule of inspiration digging its heels into the ground saying. Well F*@&# that.

As an author of any genre/style it’s exhausting trying and failing in pulling that wanted chapter [revision/article/cover art/comic panel] out of your mind: all we generally want is a good night’s sleep that lasts for 36 hours instead of the measly 7 we’re Lucky to get.

Of course what we want as our day has shown us quite bluntly isn’t a factor in what is going to happen… it’s a general rule somewhere.

We shut down our computers; put our pens and paperwork away. Stand up, shuffle zombie like to the coffee maker set it for morning then crawl our way into our bedrooms, flopping heavily on the bed. It’s a painstaking process to gather up our worn down energy reserves (in my case it’s usually running on fumes by then) to climb under those heavy blankets; tug them up to our chins and roll onto our sides to try our hands at this mysterious sleep– thing.

As I am sure you have been following by my implications, as sledge-hammer blunt as they have been. “Try” is the operative word here. Sleep may touch the mind for a split of a second but by then it’s already a long time far too late. Our eyes suddenly snap open, a glare being aimed to the heavens.

……only to find inspiration smacking you in the face as you look up at the ceiling. Next thing you know it’s after 4 am and sleep was only a fleeting whim…….

Authors by nature are lazy creatures. We don’t want to have to go fetch our bags, binders, pencils especially once we have gotten it into our heads that it’s BED TIME. It’s now our turns to dig in our heels and say ‘No, I’ll remember it in the morning.’

Have you ever tried digging your heels in when a mule or donkey decides it’s time to run? Good luck with that.

The muses are no different, once they decide to bestow their blessing of inspiration, an author’s mind has no choice but to follow it. Much like a fisherman who runs across the deadly sirens song; All ideas of sleep crash and burn. So we get up, jot down some chicken scratch hoping to appease the muses long enough to go back to bed. That chicken scratch becomes a novel of thought that thread between one another.

If there is no paper readily available, or exhaustion is too close (as tends to be the case more often than not) we plot and plan till our heavy eyes close, That sand papery feel of them scratching our peepers  reminds us that we need to blink more often while writing. That mild distraction that catches the muses off guard, much like the magpie the muses chase that shiny into oblivion of sleep.

When we wake once more: Drag ourselves to the coffee maker knowing we had something to remember, something jotted down somewhere. The winds of sleep and shiny distractions erase every word, every thought leaving only a vague impression of what once was. It reminds me of looking backwards on a beach as the tides come in. You have a vague impression as to the distance travelled by the evaporating footsteps but don’t really remember walking so far.

……Of course only frustration remains the next morning as the cycle begins again.

Welcome to the Authors life.

So, if anyone ever tells you the life of an author is simple. Kindly remind them that as my friend so eloquently put it…. “Writers = society’s acceptable insane” and we don’t generally begin our journey that way… it’s a trait that comes from dealing with the muses, and you are so not alone on this journey!

Always Writing,


 P.S. My many and vast apologies to you all out there in reader paradise, I have had a family emergency and haven’t really been active on the computer, never mind writing world. So far things look to be looking up and hopefully when I jump back into classes and play catch-up, I’ll have some time left over to get some serious writing done–[and that dastardly signature i said I’d so a while ago….]

Originally posted on [Link] My previous and lacking blog, What is posted here today is an edited version of the same post– that still stands today. Date posted [Saturday, December 10, 2011]

So, I know I haven’t been very active in the online writing world for a while. Well here is another reason (see Excerpt for the first I have given). I have found, quite literally, an instructional DVD called Budokon: Flow and Flexibility. Now I won’t lie, It follows the new-age trend that has hit in the last 5-10 years, but that’s a-okay with me; I quite enjoy “New Age”. With that being said, it takes three of my personal interests/passions and merges them in to an hour exercise program that is quite fun.

Now if your not a fan of Yoga, or meditation, then feel free to skip this entire blog post– however, if your interested or practicing/learning any martial arts, then stick around (Even if Yoga and Meditation make you want to go to sleep.)

A little background before we get into the nit and grit.

I have always held an interest in Yoga, though until recently I haven’t really looked at classes or even free tutorials online. Shame on me I know.

However, one morning, I decided hey what the heck I’ll give it a go, and looked for yoga for beginners on the good ol’ youtube. What I found was a wonderfully relaxing ( And helped me cut back on smoking.) full class of what is called Hatha Yoga Flow from a Yoga class company called Yogayak. However, I quickly lost interest in this style of Yoga, and just stopped practicing it. Why? Because i didn’t feel like i was gaining anything accept the feeling that i had slept in. My flexibility wasn’t showing any signs of improvement, nor was my endurance because it was all slow flowing and typical yoga. Which is fine, it’s just not for me.

Then I came across this DVD I mentioned earlier.

 Now, don’t think that if you run out and pick up this DVD (which I strongly suggest you do) that it’s going to be a walk in the park– because it’s not, let me tell you.  This style combines Yoga, Martial Arts, and Meditation to give you not only a renewed sense of self movement, and achievement  but also strength.

The first time i tried this DVD (Which comes with tutorials of how to do the moves in the practice) I was sweating buckets, and wondering if my heart was going to explode through my rib cage and make quite the mess. You Begin with a 5 minute seated meditation, and then jump right into the program. Though out this program you do a lot of back exercises, My personal favorite is the Dancing dog– Very interesting movements and stretches (makes me feel like I am dancing). But then, oh boy, you get into the martial arts side of the program. Lunges  Knee strikes, Front kicks, Blocks, Warrior poses (ALL OF THEM) and even side punches, and forward strikes.

Then you go through a couple cool down stretches, and another 10 minute seated meditation. The flow from yoga to Martial arts, is so fluid that it’s hard to tell at times what is YOGA and what is Martial arts… okay you can clearly tell what is martial arts, but my point is, you don’t realize how easily they are able to interconnect until you at least TRY this DVD.

Now, remember how I was saying that through the Hatha Yoga Flow, I felt no improvement? This is over the course of TWO WEEKS.(or was it three?) With Budokon, it took me ONE week to be able to get through the DVD, and when i did get through it (still panting and sweating buckets) I felt a sense of accomplishment that i haven’t felt in a very long time.

You really notice the difference, and yet, as you work through it, your finding ways to correct yourself, and it becomes once again a difficult process to keep up with. This in my opinion, is a good thing, Cuts back on plateaus (If you have ever tried to lose weight, or watched the show biggest loser– then you know that is when your body just stops losing the weight, or even stops creating muscle because it has become to accustomed to the motions.)

I really LOVE this DVD, and good news for me, is when I don’t need the DVD anymore, to run through the reps, there are two more that i can choose from in order to expand my learning.

The added bonus of this collection, is I am also doing research for a few of my characters for a secret project I am working on (a pet project if you will); But enough of my shameless free advertisement– Just take my word for it, Go right now, get this DVD where ever you can, and give it a try.  I love it. (And I am almost certain that you will too.

(Almost) Always Writing,


P.S. I Promise, Next time I post– It will have more basis on the writing side of my life.

Azrael is watching

What the Cat Sees: Blogging from her perspective

It’s not easy being a cat, after all were not kittens anymore and humans are so engrossed in that buzzing contraption that doesn’t seem to be useful accept for sleeping on– but the humans watch it and smack their strange large paws against it every day. My human more so then most. What’s worse is when she isn’t smacking that thing, she’s either playing with the small human or trying to divide her attention between me, and the other cat in the house. 

But I Digress, today I am going to tell you about my Human’s daily ritual. 

Every daybreak as that brave bird taunts me from the other side of the invisible wall, my human stirs. Some days I try to pin her to the den she’s made by laying on her, but that doesn’t usually work– I am either suddenly pinned under the human’s weight or find my self without reason entangled within the cocoon she has shed rather reluctantly. 

As I fight my way out of the clever trap, my human stumbles unsteadily out of the room her long fur tangled and in need of a grooming. Her bared lower paws thumping against the hard room’s floor. I stretch because it feels good before trotting after her, Already the other cat is Meowing at her begging for affection, food, or what ever else fits in his rather small brain. 

I sit on that morning chilled ground and watch my human fumble with the cupboard and pull out the glass retainer for her strange brown water. I don’t like that water, it’s bitter and makes my whiskers curl. My human however, she can’t seem to wake up without drinking it. With the glass thing full of that bitter water my human shuffles over to that buzzing contraption and sits down with a rather loud thump. I watch her open it and yawn at the light that shines from the inside. 

By this point every morning, my tail is twitching with annoyance, the human hasn’t looked in my direction yet, there she is, sitting before that strange machine scowling at something– Interested at what could make my human scowl so, I jump up on to the ledge in front of the invisible wall and watch her over her shoulder. We cats are very good at watching things from high places with out being seen or heard– Some times though I wonder if my human is slow, or just likes to ignore me. 

The loud box in the relaxing room is playing some screaming show with the miniature human sitting eating her first catch of the day and my human is staring at the buzzing machine as if it just stepped on her tail. I don’t particularly care what it is she is looking at, but i find it strange that there would be much smaller humans trapped inside this buzzing machine, and I guess it makes some sense as to why it buzzes like a bee hive….

Oh Pardon me, I just had to scratch that itch there– now where was I? Oh yes, my Human, after her scowling she suddenly sets down the foul water and starts smashing her paws against the machine in a fashion that makes me wonder if she doesn’t have fleas that torment her. Just as I think it’s safe to jump down from my watching post– i really want my food now– she lets out this horrendous growling. 

I must admit, it makes my fur stand on end when she does this, because lets face it– she only makes that sound when I am on the counter– purposefully trying to get her attention; or when the bee-hive thing does something she doesn’t like. 

Now cats, we don’t pace– not unless our prey is cornered and we can’t quite reach them. It gives the prey a sense of possible escape and flushes them out of hiding. My human however, after that slightly frightening growl paces– A lot. She paces and paces and grunts, groans and make sounds that have no sense what so ever– especially no sense to me when she’s not talking to me. 

After an obnoxious amount of time, my human flops once again in front of that bee hive of super mini people and starts smashing her paws against it faster then before. I watch as the white light fills up with little black squiggles, and I’ll admit- i want to chase the line that makes those squiggles– I resist, only because my human doesn’t like it when i pounce at the buzzing machine. 

When my Human sighs and stops her smashing paws, i deem it safe to force my attention on her– maybe she’ll top up the water bowl with cool water or even better get me some of those shaky bits that taste like fish– I love those, they’re my weakness. So I jump down from my perch and sit beside her, yet she doesn’t notice me. After a time i get annoyed with being ignored again and stretch up my front paws to her legs that are curled on her perch in a fashion that should hurt. 

Her hand FINALLY lowers to pet me, rubbing my ears and patting my side, but that’s it- anti-climatic I must say. My human seems satisfied over the smashing she has done, and stands up, the machine buzzing louder then before. She leaves the room and I trot after her– FINALLY she puts new water in the bowel that i have to defend from the moron of a male cat who nearly drowns himself every time he takes a drink, and then she puts down new food. Which again I have to defend from the idiot other cat. 

My human walks away and I hear distant meowing from my human that are as close to purring in happiness that humans get. She’s pleased with what ever is on the Buzzing machine and decides to make her way to harass the mini human– chasing her about the house, or even flopping beside her giving me the opportunity once my belly is full to clamor up her legs to steal her body heat once more. I learned that morning that pinning my human isn’t smart. I get love and affection and the computer starts making noises My human makes to move and i’v had enough- I purr at her and smack my flat paw on her face– Now is My affection time. 

Now don’t get me wrong, My human will go back to this Buzzing machine through out the day to check on what ever it is that she has smashed into submission– but i don’t really mind after the morning cuddles, I get my revenge after all– by trying to sleep on her face every night– It’s quite fun. 

That’s the morning adventures of my Human. She ignores me, she pets the loud mouth cat, heck she even beats up the buzzing machine with out qualms, but she’s my human and i love how she knows just where to scratch under my chin. 

Oh and if you where wondering– Here’s the idiot of a feline that my human rescued– he’s not that bad, so long as he doesn’t get in my way of snuggle times.


yours purrrrfectly:

                        Azrael– (picture at top of page)