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Have you ever felt like you were standing at a crossroads in a town you have never been in before?

I ask this because I find myself lately wondering about The Hourglass. I am standing in the middle of this uncharted forest, trying to look at things from every angle to write the best story possible. However, because my story is vastly complex [I am not just saying that– it is very very complex], I find it increasingly difficult to pick a point of view and stick with it.

As I am sure you’ve noticed by now, my excerpts have jumped a bit, between the Preface and the Chapter One excerpt. [links provided for a reminder of what it is I am blogging about]

So this post while short, is mostly to ask for opinions.

When you pick up a book for the enjoyment of it, which point of view do you prefer to read in?

I’ve put a poll at the end of this blog post to make it quick and easy to post answers with– because at this point I am left scratching my head wondering which way to really truly go.

So before I pull out a twelve-sided-dice that I have stolen from some magic the gathering players, I am looking to you my readers, Help me pick which road to take?!

Oh, before I go anywhere.

As I am sure many of you have felt before, tonight I had a brain fart as a friend of mine used to say, and couldn’t remember the types of POV’s [point of views] So, I used good old google to find out what they were called again. In my blind stumbling, I found this wonderful blog on Blogger, called the beginning writer. I honestly believe it is well worth checking out! Wonderful information in there, not only for the novice but for the experienced as well.

So Here’s the link for you all; if you’re interested– I’ll be following along with her works and maybe I’ll invite her to do a guest post on here sometime!

The Beginning Writer

Oh and here is the post I found on Points of View, A rather good post if you ask me– putting everything in a nutshell I don’t believe i could have done (granted I do tend to ramble don’t I?).

The Beginning Writer: Different Points of View

Welp, I am off for the night!

Always Writing,

Trisha Ellen 

P.S. Yes I am still working on that new signature, I’ll get to it soon hopefully.