Tales of Woe From a Criminal Justice Student

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello again everyone.

As I am sure you have read, I have begun my criminal justice studies on January 28th this year.

At the wonderful,

Since the begin date, I have completed two classes (English Composition & Interpersonal Communication) and have begun my second semester. A little background first off, this is an condensed course, there for what would normally take me two years in a regular school is only  taking me one year to complete, so each semester is only five weeks.

So I am well into my second semester, I am finally working on my first real criminal justice course. My facilitator is MR. Peter Copple and he is amazing. First off he has a number of years experience in working within the Calgary Police service as the deputy chief.

He is funny, and very easy going with the students. Blunt and to the point, yet expects people to make mistakes and have lives (Unlike a facilitator whom I had earlier in the year.)

I have also had the opportunity to meet him through my Alberta Basic Security Training course in may last year.

Of course as the title of this post suggests this is the tales of woe.

I am using student aid, and have taken out a loan from both the government of Canada and the province of Alberta, and in that I have received a grant for low income, or rather I HAVEN’T received it. I was supposed to receive it by the second week of classes, (So around Feb. 7th) and I didn’t, and when i called the government they said the only thing they can do is to resend it.

Wait a second.

Your going to resend something that never showed up to my mailing address in the first place.  I am left scratching my head, wondering if I’ll see anything to do with my grant.

Apparently as of this moment I haven’t see hide nor hair of the grant– which was budgeted out to pay for my books until august, which is awesome, because I am currently working on trying to keep my grades up with out a text book, and wondering how i am going to survive until august when my next payment comes out.

Student live– it is so much fun…. Not.

On the up side, both of my current facilitators are very understanding and willing to work with me. I love my school, and i love these classes, I will be sorry to see them go in two weeks time. (Which is right around the time my boyfriend will be freaking out over F1 again)


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