U R Me– The Perpetual Peace Project

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Not long ago now, I was invited by my cousin to come to a concert where the headliner was one Xavier Rudd. I had never heard of this individual before, and I was skeptical of going to a concert of a musician i had never heard of before. So naturally I looked this individual up on Youtube to see if I could gather a sample of his work.

I did, and it’s amazing- the man is a one man band– brought to new heights.

I was glad I went, not only because I was able to see my cousin: who i have not seen since before April this year (when i moved across three provinces to start a better life). Nor was it because of the wonderful music and sensation of rightness in the air. No no, While these where all great things to experience and keep in my memory, I am glad to have gone because I learned of a great cause:

Not many people know about the perpetual peace project (or the U R ME). This is a collection of singers who have banded together to promote peace- it matters not race or nationality- for You are Me and I am You. The idea isn’t something new, but it is something I think everyone should be aware of.

This collective of singers aren’t looking for money (though if you pay to see their concerts I am sure they won’t complain), They are simply looking to spread the words of peace to everyone in the world one concert/song at a time.

So, If you know anyone who is a singer– or a group of singers who believe that Peace shouldn’t be a thing of fiction, but reality– then get them to check out http://www.perpetualpeaceproject.net where they can sign up and join artists like:

Xavier Rudd

Good Old War


Rita visser

And Many more.

Thank you for paying attention!~

Writing Always,



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