Last To Know.. Or Next In Line To Be Fooled

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Did you know Dragons really exist? No I am not talking about the Indonesian Monitor lizard Known as Varanus komodoensis– or Komodo Dragon; I am talking about True to life Fire Breathing Dragons– just like what has been spoken of in nearly every culture on the face of the planet.  Well, most people I know would laugh at me– in fact they have laughed at me over the course of my life when i have sworn up and down that Dragons really exist– or at very least existed.

Well It turns out, that I was right: According to a documentary I watched on Youtube– that was aired on Animal Planet. Now a lot of people are saying that the “documentary” was stated to be purely fiction, however, the Documentary I watched said nothing of the sort. In fact they said that back in 2007 an ice cave previously undiscovered had once again opened up due to the unseasonably warm winter followed by a warmer then normal summer.

Apparently– (now I don’t know if it is true, the jury is still out on this in my mind.) a group of people had gone exploring the ice cave and found within what appeared to be a mass grave site. This of course warranted an investigation to ensure this wasn’t just a dumping ground. Upon further investigation on the site deeper into the cave, they found the body of what was apparent to be a dragon- or something similar to it.

So where was this supposed to have happened?

The Carpathian Mountains in Romania.

So, Was this a hoax or fiction made to give the theory of how Dragons could have come to be some credibility? A lot of people are saying, Yes it’s fake get over it. Why?  Because of two very important facts. IF the documentary was even a Rendering of how the events went down– where is the body now? Why isn’t the science community buzzing about this biological Discovery of the century?

I don’t know, I am not a conspiracy nut- nor am I an alarmist. However, People believed for the longest time that the electric car was a modern invention– but that isn’t true, GM had brought out the EV1 the worlds first 100% electric car back in : 1997, only to recall them and destroy the cars.

So if the world at large can believe that the Electric car was none existent until recently; then why can’t it be possible for this dragon body to have been discovered and swept under the rug as if it didn’t happen?

Well there is one reason that immediately comes to mind: Because there is no documented proof about the dragon– but the EV1 car had owners and the recall caused a big craze of protests. So there was documented proof of the EV1’s existence– but there is no documentation of the Dragon.

To me stranger things have happened, and it’s not completely impossible to have had this discovery happen–However one has to admit that the film they showed on television couldn’t have been real as the Dragon wasn’t kept in proper conditions Ect Ect.

As a Fantasy author, the very idea that dragons may not be fantasy but facts hidden away from the world, and had lived from the prehistoric era right up until the early 1500’s. Well, truth be told, I would be ecstatic. I have always had a love of dragons, and IF they where one of the vast numbers of animals who have gone extinct because of proverbial “witch-hunts” to the death of the species; I would be sad. Beyond sad– I would be devastated (I really love dragons)

But, I leave this up to you dear reader.

Did they find a dragon’s body in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania in 2007 or was the whole thing a work of fiction produced into a Dramatic Film?  Further more, If it was simply fiction– Does the science behind it still stand as Highly Probable, could it come to pass that as the world warms up– could we look at finding dragon remains in the deepest trenches of the Ice caves littering the Carpathian mountains or other regions of equal mystery?

Let me know….

Always Writing,



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