Twit-Book: The top 5 Reasons Why I DISLIKE Social Media

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Humor, Rant, Writing
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As I said in my cleverly devised blog post: Introducing to two blog posts [Trap located here]:

Why don’t I make a blog topic as to why I like and dislike Social media? Then I can self Promote both my Fan-page AND my Twitter account!~

So without anymore flourish, Here is my top 5 reasons for DISLIKING SOCIAL MEDIA!


In the social media boxing ring, there is a very fine line between being obnoxious and invisible- so fine a line that often it gets lost in the shuffle. No one Tells you Hey, stop spamming my wall with useless quotes from homer (no not Simpson) Or Hey I don`t see you in the mash up of status/tweet ect. maybe you should post more?  Oh-no, they don’t tell you, they’d rather post a Tweet/status-ect. about how obnoxious/invisible you are– and expect you to find it in among the rest of the Tweets/Status ect.


In the world of technology you have to either be cutting edge– up-to-date or be left in the dust. This has users who aren’t as tech savvy as the rest of the cyber world scratching there heads going– well what the flick? Social Media platforms update they’re layout or user interfaces so much it brings to mind the Image of a quick change artist: Interesting to watch from the outside, not so much fun when your forced to adapt to the artist.


Why does this sound like a good thing? Well because people don’t realize that by following twitter/facebook for people you don’t know and hanging on every move they make or post is borderline stalking. Yet one moment you can have an increase of 50 followers one morning then the next day– you have -150 followers. There is no rhyme or reason as to why people stop following people: Maybe it’s because of number 5 on this list, or maybe it’s just because the general population as a greater whole has the attention span of a flea.


In this age of opinion driven society, and the humor that goes along with it– the internet humor is some of the most vile and grotesque humor on the face of the planet. No lines are made in the cyber space, “trolls” eat up self humiliation, or even simply making something good into something radically different. People do all sorts of crazy and weird things for the world to see– but Internet humor makes me want to go back to the stone age (yes the same age where i would have been burned at the stake for even thinking of voicing an opinion.)


While our technological advancements keep growing the internet population starts losing their basic language learning building blocks. Things like LOL or LMFAO are so commonly accepted that it’s a wonder these short hand letter jumbles haven’t been the subject to an entire novel. People recognize these things more then they do words like :

Practice / Practise

Bought / Brought

Your / You’re


All of these and MORE are being dragged down the drain of social media laziness. Editors and English professors cringe every time their students/employers hand in term papers or manuscripts. Always they’re expecting the sudden down fall of the English language being replaced with L33T speak or Social Media Short Hand. (SMSH)

I Hope to see you in my NEXT STEP: [Face-Er] The top 5 reasons why I LIKE social Media 

Always Writing,


  1. agent909 says:

    Well, not that I’m totally agree with you, but I like this post, it reflect some part of my soul.
    Who care if you are hungry or your nose feel itchy, why twit or post it on FB? You could just eat or scratch your nose. Some of the people I know are posting these stuff these day with pointless purpose. Glad that I’m not the only one thinking about this. Great post!

    • Thank you, I have found many people do approve of my Twit-book post, but no one yet has liked the Face-er post. It’s interesting how that goes don’t you agree?

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