Feeling a Little Like Fry

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Beginning, Rant, Uncategorized, Writing
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fry hair pulling

Have you ever felt a little like this guy?

Well I sure have, at times the whole process of plotting and organizing a story line– even if it’s just for one character and chapter of a novel is at times more then a little frustrating. If you know where this cartoon character is from, then your probably looking at this post with slight disdain – because lets face it Fry isn’t exactly a literary genius. Which is the point.

Not everyone can be a literary genius, but even those who are considered the high honor of genius– well they usually look like that guy more often then you would think. writing isn’t simply stringing words together to form a sentence.

-Okay technically it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s written well.  Isn’t that the whole goal of (most) authors? To string those perfect words together to make the perfect sentence, further strung together to make the Perfect story.

Regardless of everyone telling me that Perfection doesn’t exist, I Still strive for it every time i write my novels. Then once i have gotten to a point where i feel comfortable with it (or the rare times i am bouncing because of muse co-operation), I set it down and move on to something else.

Eventually one has to re-read what was written, either to make positive of the position in the time line- or to pull a minor reference from that writing. Sometimes it still feel like 100$….

Other times– I look at the page with this look of utter confusion only to suddenly explode into animation much like our friend fry up top.

What The Heck Was I Thinking?! ” Is usually growled, groaned or even yelled at the top of my lungs, following the self condemnation and avoiding burning the evidence of my none-genius, I force myself to breath and take a second cringing look at what i wrote.

Sometimes I can salvage something from that passage– most times it winds up in the compost heap of crunched cyber paper.

Fry: ‘Take that one, and that one. This sentence I don’t understand, but take this one.’


So that’s one way I fell like fry, the after effect as I call it. Then there’s the plot effect– trying to decide which characters do what…. again an apt Fry Quote.

Fry:”The lizards..no the parrot..no wait, the lizards, no, yes, no, yes yes yes…the parrot!”

There isn’t a heck of a lot one can do when they are feeling a little like fry, accept maybe walk away from the writing and take a moment to compose yourself. Or You could just go with it– because sometimes very rarely magic happens when you feel like fry. And even if it doesn’t– at least you can laugh about it later.

Always writing;


  1. thinkinglazy says:

    I had a ‘What the hell was I thinking’ moment just today, such a coincidence that I’d come across this post.

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