Face–Er: My Top 5 Reasons for Liking Social Media

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I am Back again with another list! (Does this mean i’ll get twice the followers?) 

This time around I’m going to give you my top 5 reasons for liking social media. I won’t lie, this list was harder to make up then my previous [Twit-Book] list. It’s always easier to HATE/DISLIKE something and give reasons for it– then it is to LIKE/LOVE something. For some strange and fascinating reason humanity is always so quick to jump on the hate-wagon.

Anyway, without further adieu:


The ability to talk and or even meet someone in another country even so close as 40 years ago was something inconceivable to most people. With the dawning of the technological age, the world may have gotten smaller but our race has also grown closer- people who interact through social media and the internet tend to have more meaningful friendships with international people then within their own community. It’s brought people who would have never met before, together in both relationships (first come internet then comes marriage) and friendships that are both beautiful and help eliminate the racial barriers erected over the course of our history.


While our friendship and popularity status has risen above the roofs of our fore fathers (and mothers) we have also been given the grate access to the central hub of information– No I am not talking about the CIA or national archives– I am talking about the internet. Through social media, the distribution of information is so much simpler- you don’t need to go knock on 500 doors to promote world peace you can simply post a tweet or status ect and have all of your followers and friends see this information. A sale on Anime? Cloths? ect… Oh well be assured everyone within spitting distance from the store(s) will know about it before the doors open the next day.


Oh don’t groan, you knew it was coming. I like social media because it makes an authors job of self promoting within the first few years of their toddler-ing about the writing community so much easier. Before social media and the internet it took a lot of time and money to become a recognizable name in the book store. Today that’s not as much the case. Now it’s more based on your ability to use the free tools like Twitter and Facebook to your advantage– getting the word out there quicker then before– and to people you would have never been able to get to.


While I said in my Dislike list that INTERNET HUMOR tends to be the dirtiest of the dirt– that isn’t always the case. There are some vastly entertaining ways to unwind after a hard day of writing and self Promoting (See: My twitter / Fan-Page). Social media brought the boom of Flash games, Like All the Ville’s on facebook, and even #Hashtag-tag. To even finding new reading materiel and/or Youtube Videos to pass the time. Heck if your savvy enough you can even unwind by creating your own video’s games or even reading materiel (See: Author).


They say that anything once posted on the internet can and will comeback to haunt you– that isn’t always a bad thing. With sites like Ancestry.ca or other history resources it’s easier for people to find their family history. It’s was usually a trial to find out your family history before the internet and Social Media sites like the prior mentioned (yes that does apply ladies and gents) Now I can (for a minor fee) Find out all there is to know about my history and continue to record that history on the cyber world for future generations to see. Now I don’t know if i want future generations to be looking too closely at my teen years– that doesn’t mean its a BAD thing to be connected to social media.



So that was my top 5 reasons for liking social media. While it’s still not my favorite thing to do, it has it’s good points and its bad points. So long as you moderate how long you sit in front of a computer watching your blog status, your likes and responded tweets– then it’s all good. After all you can’t live life to the fullest through a computer screen.


Always Writing,



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