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Posted: December 5, 2012 in Humor, Rant, Writing
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So I was browsing the internet this evening looking for some blog topics that may suit for later publishing, when i stumbled upon a few lists.

Apparently listing things is a great way to attract attention to your blog– the fact that someone is reading this post proves that saying something is a list draws their eye. I am not a major in human-interactions nor did i study the human psyche in school so i cannot tell you WHY people are attracted like magpies to a list of number ranging from 5 -100.

I am not exactly sure I Want to know the answer to that question to be perfectly honest. However, as i was saying I stumbled upon a few blog lists of things i can use as “Topics for my posts.” And all of them had essentially the SAME list- just re-arranged and jumbled up (not to mention written in their own words).

The two topics that stood out on these lists where

  1. MAKE A LIST- everyone loves lists and when they see them they have the insatiable urge to read them
  2. TALK ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA- everyone uses it, and thus what better way to cross promote, then to talk about not only the social media world–but your own accounts.

It was like a light bulb turned on in my plot exhausted brain. 

Why don’t I make a blog topic as to why I like and dislike Social media? Then I can self Promote both my Fan-page AND my Twitter account!~

And So i Dub thee:

Twit-Book: The top 5 Reasons Why I DISLIKE Social Media Platforming

Face-Er: The top 5 Reasons Why I LIKE Social Media Platforming

Keep a look out for these two wonderful lists and opinions that we may or may not share!

Always Writing,



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