So I Have a Pen Name….

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Beginning, Pen name, Uncategorized, Writing
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So you gone through the painstaking process of doing your research, and agonizing over what your new writing identity will be– it’s important because it is going to be your Identity for the entire time of your writing endeavours. (That’s not to say you can’t have more then one pen name– but we won’t go there today lets allow your brain to settle on this new name first).

A lot of people once they have a pen name don’t know how to check the originality of their chosen name. Of course this is a must, after all, you can’t have Two Nora Roberts writing out there– it would get confusing. So there are a few ways to check your pen name:

Amazon Logo

This is a great place to start. has a listing of nearly, if not, ALL the book listings ever created. You can type in your chosen pen name in the search bar and if “NO RESULTS” come up for that search: THIS IS A GREAT SIGN– but don’t get too excited.  You still need to check another source:


Do a second search using good old fashioned Google! If you don’t get anything dealing specifically with writing then you should be in the clear– but if you want to be sure you should try doing a basic search on:

Facebooklogo And


If nothing comes up– no fan-pages and no twitters…

Then Stake your claim! 

Create that first FAN PAGE, and TWITTER account, Make a personal Email for your Authorship, that way you can keep real life and Writing separate. The reason for this is you are effectively creating a cyber paper trail to prove your writing identity– should the issue arise.

I have heard that you can make your pen name more concrete by registering your name as a business– which then places a trade mark on your pen name– however this could have complications as it may change how you do your taxes and other aspects of your legal standing so i would strongly suggest speaking to a TAX expert and/or a lawyer before proceeding with that extra step.

Once your done– congratulations you have created a new personality for your writing! Welcome to the world of authorship!

I hope this short and bitter sweet post has been helpful to you~ I had to figure all this out more or less by my self; my biggest help (besides the internet) Was my good friend and Fellow Author Fox R. R. Haddock who helped me through the basics and introduced me to Doutrope. So a great big shout out and thank you to Fox for all her help and friendship.

Writing Always:


  1. I was quite lucky in that my first choice of pen name was not taken. Good post. And a similar process should be carried out for book titles, too, in my opinion.

    • I agree with you, however it is A-okay to have the same book title for two different authors– but we can’t have the whole world making “Assassin’s Quest” ‘s. So my general rule of thumb is if there is more then one other book containing the same title–(A different Genre of course) Then it’s probably a good idea to change the title.

      Thank you so much for your input!

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