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Posted: December 3, 2012 in Beginning, Insperation, Writing
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Words worth writing

The words you and I put to page everyday may seem to some as if they don’t fit the criteria placed before us by the great writers and thinkers of ages past (or even present). Yet, how does one know where the words worth being remembered for come from? Is it from the heart of a poem ripped from the soul and placed upon the page? Is it stained across the stage of a grand production implemented by the greatest of talents? Is it the novel that people spend half their live writing to get everything properly into place, or is it the half day short story someone writes in high school?

No one can say what words will be remembered, or who will be remembered. All that can be said is that anything placed into the written word is worth reading to someone– whether it be simply the author for later reflection. To the teacher in tenth grade who needs that essay to evaluate your comprehension of the subject matter at hand.  Or maybe it’s people across the globe that finds the words inspiring or even motivating.

At the end of the day, if you feel accomplished in what ever written work you’ve produced, even if it isn’t writing, then that is all that matters.

With this two cents of Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s quote, I welcome you to the Psychotic Journey that all of us take through life. Whether your life is writing about the mystical worlds of dragons and fairies, or even the darkness of human emotion– whether your inspiration comes from Edgar Allen Poe– It doesn’t matter; I’m here on this journey with you, and I’ll be giving you my thoughts and or hardships that I face on a daily (or sometimes weekly) basis. Maybe, hopefully, my journey will help you find the beginning of the next steps in your journey.

Always Writing;



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